Practice News

11th Apr

Medical Student Virtual Consultations

The practice has hosted 3rd year medical students for the past 2 years and we are now taking part in a pilot with Liverpool University Medical School to allow small groups of medical students to observe real patient consultations remotely. 

During these sessions Dr. Barfield will see patients as normal but cameras and special medical equipment in the room will allow students to experience GP consultations in a whole new way. 

The university have produced this video to provide more explanation.

11th Apr

Minor Surgery

The practice is now providing minor surgery to our patients again. This service was previously suspended following Dr. Holley's retirement but Dr. Barfield has now done additional training to be able to perform minor operations.

We are able to remove non cancerous skin lumps which are either causing a functional impairment (getting in the way of day to day life), are painful or keep getting infected. If this applies to you please make an appointment with one of the GP's for an assessment. 

11th Apr

New staff

Over the past few months the practice has taken on some new members of staff:

Jane Meakin is an experienced practice nurse who is joining our nursing team

Jenna Davies is a mental health practitioner who will be seeing patients who have any problems with their mental health

Sheryl Lloyd is joining our reception team

Dr. Sam Newton (who worked in the practice during his training) is returning for the next 12 months as a GP

GP wearing mask
26th Jun 2023

Face masks

The surgery has conducted a risk assessment and concluded that staff and patients no longer need to wear face masks in the surgery.

This is because the risk of becoming seriously unwell with a COVID-19 infection is now low and the amount of circulating COVID-19 and influenza is currently low.

We will still be asking anyone with a new cough to wear a face mask when they attend the surgery to help prevent the spread of infections to other patients and our staff.

We will keep this policy under review as we may need to reintroduce face masks for all staff and patients in the winter months.

24th Apr 2023

Replacement of eConsult

The practice has now switched from using eConsult to PATCHS as our online platform for advice, fit notes and requesting appointments.

We hope that you find that this system is easier to use with more relevant questions. We would appreciate any feedback that you have on PATCHS so that we can improve the service that we offer to you.

The move from eConsult to PATCHS is happening across the whole of NHS Cheshire and Merseyside.

6th Sep 2022


We are sad to announce that Dr. David Price and Mrs. Rosanne Jones have both retired at the end of August.

Having both been at the practice for many years they have become well known to our patients and we know that patients and staff alike will miss them very much.

Rosanne will be providing some interim cover for the next few weeks to help with handover for our new practice manager, Alan Courtenay.

Dr. Price is handing over to our new GP, Dr. Kathryn Milligan. 

9th May 2022

Contraceptive coils

Our patients who would like a contraceptive coil fitting or changing can do so by contacting St. Georges Medical Centre (on Field Road) on 0151 630 2080. Please let them know you would like a coil fitting and that you are registered with us and they will arrange an appointment for you.

We hope that we will be offering this service for our patients at The Village Medical Centre soon.

7th Apr 2022

COVID Vaccinations

If you're 75 years and over, you are now eligible for your Covid Spring Booster Vaccine  

You can either go to the Walk-in Clinics at Birkenhead Medical Building, 31 Laird Street, Birkenhead, CH41 8DB. Mon-Fri 9-5.30pm and Sat 9-4pm or, use the National Booking System NHS booking system

Please keep yourself protected and get your Booster.

brick layer
12th Jan 2022

Building Extension

The practice is currently having building work to create a much needed and long overdue extension. Please bear with us over the next few months as we have this work done. The most noticable impact on your visit to the surgery will be a temporarily smaller waiting room and some building noise as well.

The practice currently does not have enough downstairs rooms for all the doctors and nurses and so we need to make use of an upstairs room. In addition we have other members of staff such as pharmacists, social prescribers, physiotherapists and health coaches who often have to work by telephone only in office spaces or out of other practices in Wallasey. 

Once the extension is complete we will have 3 new downstairs consulting rooms and a new purpose built reception area with improved privacy for any sensitive discussions you may need to have with the receptionists. Upstairs we will double the space for our administrative staff and have a new large meeting room which can be used for practice and primary care network meetings as well as our Patient Participation Group.

Photographs and plans will be following soon.

2nd Dec 2021

Contraceptive Coils and Implants

Unfortunately the practice will not be able to offer appointments for coils or implants over the next few months...

If you would like to consider these methods of contraception or need them replacing then please contact Wirral Sexual Health.
This is only temporary and as soon as we are able to offer this service at the practice again we will let you know!
face mash
17th Oct 2021

Face masks

Face Masks Required In The Surgery

In line with Public Health England and NHS guidelines   

All patients and staff MUST wear a face covering when in any healthcare setting.

If you feel you need to speak to a GP, please call the practice and the reception team will add you to the doctors telephone triage appointment list.